My 3 Go-To Resources for the Busy Creative Looking for Daily Inspiration

So many of the entrepreneurs I know, myself included, are always learning and crave new useful information from articles, podcasts, books, and other amazing resources. But finding quality time while not suffering from information overload is another story. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if you had a solid two to three hours a day to just fill your cup with inspirational goodness, which would also include the beloved mid-day cat nap? (a personal favorite)  Running a business and life leaves us with very little time to devote to soaking up the inspirational and informational food we crave, and quite honestly, what we need as entrepreneurs. 

Since time is of the essence, I wanted to share my three favorite resources which I find work perfectly in my busy life. I can honestly say that these 3 resources really transformed how I view and run both my personal and business life.  


  1. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - Greg McKeown (Everything sounds sexier when read with a British accent)

  • This book changed the way I think about getting things done in my business and how I approach life. You will actually discover why less is sometimes actually more, and you will learn to be ruthless in cutting away things that aren't essential.  I understand if you’re skeptical - I was, too. Believe me, though, Greg's approach will give you the clarity you need to pursue what REALLY matters and forget the rest.

  • I personally love to take in a good book by listening to the audio version especially if the author has a yummy accent. Listening in the morning while I get ready for the day helps put me in a good head space and gets me motivated for the day. Audible is a great resource for this, and if you haven’t tried the app yet, your first audiobook is free! You can also find the physical copy, audiobook, or an e-book copy on Amazon here.

  • Here's a 5 minute video of Greg talking (with that amazing British accent, of course) about some of the big ideas from Essentialism. Watch this, and if you find yourself wanting more, go pick up the book.


2. Brené Brown’s TED talk: The Power of Vulnerability (LIFE GIVING SOUL FOOD)

  • If you are not one of the 34,001,341 million people who hasn't listened to this talk, actually, even if you HAVE, I ENCOURAGE you to take 20 minutes to listen! Brené shares about the power of connection, being seen, and being vulnerable in a way that completely changed my life after I heard it for the first time. I promise that if you haven’t already, you will fall in love with her. Not to mention, Oprah loves her, so you know she's good people! 

  • If you find that her TED talk is life giving soul food and you want more, I encourage you to download The Power of Vulnerability on Audible. I promise that you will come away feeling braver, brighter, and bolder for doing so. I've listened to this recording at least 15 times, no lie. It's just ALL AROUND GOOD STUFF, friends! 


3. Blinkist App (Merry early Christmas!) 

  • This is by far the best Christmas gift I gave myself this past year. Priced at $79.99 a year, the Blinkist app is an incredible resource that virtually provides Cliff Notes of over 2000 nonfictional books covering everything from personal growth and self-improvement, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship and small business, health and wellness, and lots of others. 

  • I view Blinkist as my "try it before you buy it" app. I don't know about you but I have stacks of books that I never get around to finishing for a multitude of reasons which ultimately makes me feel a little like a failure. With the Blinkist app, you’re able to get a 15-20 minute taste of the books you’ve wanted to read, but haven’t had the time for before diving in to reading the book in it's entirety. 

  • Check it out for yourself right here - Blinkist

I hope these resources are as powerful for you as they have been for me. Leave a comment if you have questions about any of these resources or if you’d like to know more about anything I’ve shared here.

All it takes is 20 minutes a day. Start by starting.

Happy listening, everyone!

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