As wedding and event professionals we love a good story... beginning, middle, and end. We love seeing it all come together. But it’s not easy.

Your business story probably started a lot like mine—fueled with love, passion, and a need to be creative. But then came the difficult task of running a business - you weren’t expecting it to be so hard. Thirteen years ago, I opened my little flower shop and quickly found myself spinning 1,000 plates in the air. What I didn’t know then was that little flower shop would become Modern Day Events and Floral - a full-service event company with 10+ employees and over 200+ events a year.

I’m Jenn Ederer, Creative Director + Founder of Modern Day, and I’m here to tell you: You’re not alone. Your roadblocks, your worst days, your triumphs—it’s all part of your story. No matter where you are—from just starting out,  to hiring a team, to taking your business to the next level—Modern Day Creative is your source for the inspiration and know-how to grow your business, or to create your dream business from scratch.

How can we support you? With Branding + Marketing, Coaching + Mentoring, and Creative Consulting

We’ll meet you where you are and help you write your own successful business story. Let’s connect.


Ever wish you had access to an event business pro who was as approachable as a dear friend? That’s my aim with coaching and mentoring - to be that person for you. 

A mix of savvy branding and marketing, a gorgeous aesthetic, and a deep understanding of the business? That’s Modern Day Creative. Step inside and see how we can help elevate your brand. 

We’ve seen the business of events from every angle, and it’s your turn to benefit from this knowledge. Learn how to up-sell your property and  market to your strengths.


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