Practicing Gratitude

For those of you who follow my newsletter, you already know how much I try to practice an attitude of gratitude all year round! But the holiday season has a way of putting things in clear focus and perspective. There is no better time in life and business than today (be it March or November or whenever) to practice gratitude. I know personally, when things are overwhelming or life gets chaotic, I have to check myself. But that’s why they call it a “practice”, right? It takes consistent work and we’re never really finished with that work.  

Here are a few simple ways I practice daily gratitude, in hopes that it will help inspire you (if you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you more than likely have already read this. Feel free skip this part).

  • First and foremost, I pray. I pray for peace, guidance, grace, and understanding. I fall down ALL.THE.TIME through my words and actions. Just ask my team! But, I find that when I'm consistently praying for God's grace and guidance, my mind and heart are much more at peace.

  • This may sound trivial, but I have several different coffee mugs with positive messages on them that I drink from every morning. My office is also filled with messages of affirmation and empowerment. It's crazy, but this simple act of truly surrounding yourself with encouragement actually sinks in. I'm even debating on getting a small tattoo as a gentle daily reminder. (Feel free to send along suggestions... I’m sure a few of you have pretty fabulous ones)!

  • Every morning while I get ready I either listen to uplifting music, a motivational podcast, or an audiobook to get myself in the right mindset. Remember that your mind is a beautiful and ever-growing thing. When you feed it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change… I promise. Good energy in = good energy out.

There are so many great resources on the subject of gratitude. Here are just a few to help get your mindset straight.


The Tim Ferris Show: Podcast Episode 344 -10 Strategies to be Happier Through Gratitude

Functioning Minimalist: Podcast Episode Gratitude


Bring Gratitude: Feel Joyful Again With Bite-Sized Mindset Practices

The 90-Day Gratitude Journal: A Mindful Practice for Lifetime of Happiness

Attitude for Gratitude Affirmations: Happiness Boost with Soothing Nature Hypnosis & Meditation

Physical Reminders:

You may have seen this on Oprah’s Favorite Things list last year. It is a beautiful daily reminder to document the moments you’re grateful for. Gratitude Glass Jar

The next best thing about practicing gratitude? Sharing it with others!

Do you know what the best part of Christmas is? For me, it’s GIVING gifts, not just receiving them. There is nothing better than watching my grandbabies open gifts on Christmas morning. This same feeling can be applied in every day life if you would only put your new “gratitude-attitude” to work - spreading that joy. Below is a list of my favorite resources for thoughtful and easy gifts to send to your favorite people.


I’ve talked about this company a handful of times before, but Mark & Graham truly has my heart. What kind of client wouldn’t adore receiving a monogrammed scarf, bracelet, or coasters? They even have adorable things for pets too. I personally bought the monogrammed leather doggy travel-bag for sweet Josie Rose, and it’s her new favorite thing! All of their products come packaged in adorable boxes or bags - you wouldn’t even need to gift wrap them before sending. Monograms are timeless, and the items Mark & Graham sells would appeal to a wide variety of ages, styles, occupations, genders, etc.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 3.00.38 PM.png

Looking to send a “care package” of sorts, full of beautifully-curated items? Marigold & Grey is for you! The packages start around the $75 mark, and increase based on size and quantity of items selected. There are so many options available - from bridal, to new home or baby, to sympathy/recovery, mother’s day, birthday, etc… the list goes on and on! Can you imagine being a newly engaged bride and checking your mail one day to find one of these stunning packages lovingly sent from your planner or florist? What an incredibly special treat. Last year I purchased a large amount of boxes to give to my beloved team members at our Thanksgiving dinner - I just wanted to show them how much I appreciate everything they do, and these boxes were the perfect cherry on top.


Lastly, I simply adore all things from The Little Flower Soap Co. Started a few years ago by my good flower friend, Holly Rutt and her husband, their company has since thrived and you can even find them on Amazon now! They are local to Michigan and completely natural, which I love. On their site, you can purchase pre-made packages, or singular items. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these lovely-packaged goods. I like to buy a wide assortment of their chapsticks, salts, and soaps to use for stocking-stuffers during the holidays, but these could work as a perfect, more cost-effective thank-you gift too!

Friends, I encourage you to think hard and deep this week about who you could shower with love and gratitude. Did a new client book your services? Is your mom feeling under-the-weather? Did your girlfriend just have a baby? Do you have an employee go above and beyond? Show them you care and are thankful for them. After all, ‘tis the season. Cheers!

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