Goal Setting Tips for 2019

I’ve been sharing with my newsletter subscribers about the scarcity gremlins, a/k/a the negative self-talk in our head that makes us do things out of fear instead of from a place of clarity. I’m here to encourage you to kick the nasty gremlins to the curb and give you some tips + actionable steps that will help you keep them at bay.

First, I encourage you to close your eyes and allow yourself to dream.

I know this can seem challenging when you’re fighting to survive, to find margin. You feel short on time, short on funds, and often, short on SPACE to just breathe. I get it, and I’m with you. I still struggle with this. It can be terrifying when you’re working so hard but fail to see the income match the output. But you have to get OUT of this mindset. I promise it’s easier than you think, but it takes practice.  

Are you ready to join me in a collective deep breath?

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way grab your pen, your favorite journal, and a cup of coffee. It’s time to real honest with ourselves. Write this down.  


My dream client looks like...

Think about how they make you feel, the way they think, the type of experience they value.

My dream client spends…

You may think that a certain dollar figure is ideal, but you won't know until you pull the numbers. So I encourage you to write this number down, then pull up your last six months of contracts. RUN the numbers. Do the math. Then come back and make sure the number above aligns with the number in your head. Don’t be shocked if there is a gap between your reality and your perception.

I am my happiest when...

You’re creating, working with vendors, executing XYZ. Whatever you do day-to-day that you love. Write that down.

I would like my business to...

This could be a profit goal, a specific schedule you’d like to work, a set of tasks you’d like to outsource or a market you would like to explore. Think big, pie in the sky goals. Of course, write down the little ones too! But don’t be afraid to think and dream big here. Just get it on paper and then decide where your focus should be first. Prioritize the top 3-5 things.  

I would like to do... this year

This doesn’t have to apply only to your business. Think about everything you want to accomplish both professionally and personally. Again, dream big here.

Clarity moment. Take ALL of what you’ve just written and then get real with yourself.  To make this happen, I need _____ clients at _____ rate.

Now that you’ve done all this amazing work and see your vision, it’s time to make a plan. You might need to call in reinforcements. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes you lay out a plan and aren’t quite sure how to get from point A to point Z, but you can see the direction.   Trust yourself and know that with the right intention behind your goals, you won’t regret taking a leap of faith. Hold firm to your vision, be flexible in your plan and know that there IS a higher power behind you that wants you to succeed.

In seasons of shifting and changing, we spend entirely too much time doubting ourselves or worrying that making big business moves won’t pay off. But when you set the right foundation and show up to do the work, they will! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What can I do for you today to help you keep moving your dreams and business forward?

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