As creative consultants in the wedding and events industry, our main objective is to help you diversify and grow your business.

We bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to consulting to help you sell your space differently and creatively. We will work closely with you to build innovative color palettes and floor-plans to complement your event space. 

Every venue has its own set of unique challenges. Our job is to soothe those “pain points” and provide you with plenty of reasons that clients should be booking you, regardless of any disadvantages. We focus on the positive selling-points of your space from a designer's perspective.

In the end, we provide you with the creative tools to help elevate your overall guest experience. Our consulting services include:

  • Development of marketing portfolios for your bridal, corporate, and social clientele

  • Development of creative design concepts and branding

  • Venue photoshoot insight

  • Production insight - flooring, lighting, draping, structures, etc.

  • Floorplan and event flow assistance

Do you want to change the way you view your event space and get a fresh perspective on creative ways to work with the space you have for maximum results?

Contact Modern Day Creative to learn more and get started. 

Consulting services start at $500/day.