Tackling productivity challenges and investing in the right resources

Do you ever find yourself struggling to delineate between your business wants and needs? Do you suffer from a bit of shiny object syndrome- distracted by fun or fire, taking you off course from the productive work on your plate? We often shoulder all the responsibility, feeling that we need to work on everything to move things forward. This doesn't work, friends. However, getting specific and breaking things down into small incremental steps does.

I'm curious, have you ever tracked your time during the day to see where you're spending your precious hours? I know, I know. I sound like a broken record, but, friends it helps! Thanks to this simple time tracking exercise, I have completely restructured my day, and I'm at my most productive ever! I also love this article by Marie Forleo on how to train your brain to increase productivity. It's short, sweet and actionable - my kinda read!  I also find her tips for beating burnout (yes, we've ALL been there) helpful as well. She's quirky but full of wisdom.

In our neverending quest to be more productive, more profitable, more fulfilled, or whatever other MORE item we add to the list, we seek answers. It often manifests itself in the form of searching for answers in educational resources, courses, retreats, conferences, and everything in between. Fortunately, we live in a time where there are endless options both for online and in-person learning. However, finding the right resource to answer your burning questions can be daunting and often, overwhelming. The reality is, we're not always clear on how to choose the best one for the need(s) we are trying to fill. As much as I encourage you to jump in and do the work when it comes to investing in your business, it's critical that you research the content available to you to ensure it fits your goals and objectives.

I have two exercises for you to try this week:

First, I challenge you to track your time. It doesn't have to be fancy- a simple notepad or sheet of paper + pen.

Once you understand how you are spending your time and where the pockets of joy are for you,  you can craft a day that plays to those strengths & preferences. Whether you're a morning person like me, or you prefer to burn the midnight oil, find the time that works best for you.

Get into the mindset that more free time = more productive, profitable time. Start asking for help to get the minutia off your plate. When you work with clarity and know yourself before you make significant shifts in your business, the changes are more likely to stick!  Focus your efforts on doing what you love and having others help perform the work that brings you stress.

Second, make a list of the areas of your business that you know need growth. There is NO shame in the length or content of this list. But I do encourage you to get real with yourself. Recognize your strengths (from exercise 1) and weaknesses, recognize what changes you can make that will move you in a positive direction, and strengthen your business foundation. Ask yourself- am I looking for help with Marketing. Design. Building Community. Scalability. Profitability. Delegation. Setting budgets and projections, refining the sales and booking process, or possibly pivoting my offers/services and Brand strategy. THEN research the opportunities that include curriculum relevant to your goals. ASK questions from the presenters/organizers. Talk to previous attendees. Remember that this journey of creative entrepreneurship is as rewarding as it is challenging, so finding experts in their area of genius can make a world of difference.

My wish for you this week is that your heart is filled with promise and hope knowing that what you're striving for is well within reach. Lean into the truth that you are made for this!!

You got this!