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It’s my mission to help wedding and event creatives discover the joy of sharing their talents with the world through passion-fueled businesses.

Creating a life you love is possible!

After spending years building two creative businesses from the ground up, I’ve experienced almost every stage of the roller coaster called entrepreneurship. Still, these years have been the most rewarding of my life.

But, it wasn’t always like this for me. At one point, running a business was something I fantasized about when I found myself unfulfilled and desiring more during my days at my job in the mortgage industry. After all, how could a once young single mother, emotionally spent after a years-long fertility battle run a successful business?

Modern Day Creative stands as my testimony that dreams do come true; and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help other women do the same. Who says business has to be a lonely, painful journey? Now I spend my days helping women discover the same joys.

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Professional Bio:

Jenn is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and coach for wedding and event creatives.

After 15 years in the financial industry, Jenn took the leap to start her own business. That business became two, and now she runs two successful companies in the wedding industry — Modern Day Events & Floral, a full service wedding and event planning and floral design boutique, and Gwyneth Paige Couture Letterpress.

Now, Jenn gives back to the entrepreneur community through Modern Day Creative. There, she helps creative entrepreneurs develop their ideas and run successful businesses through coaching and mentoring, branding and marketing, and creative counseling.