The Must-Have Emergency Bag (Part 1)

Last week, we talked about our organizational project in our warehouse space. If you didn’t get a chance to read the blog, you can check it out here. Today, I want to get a little more focused in on how this organization actually plays out when we’re prepping to be on-site specifically for a wedding or event floral design. Listen up my floral friends!

How do we become really efficient when we’re preparing and setting for our events? The more organized you are BEFORE you leave your production space, the more efficient you can be on-site.

Something behind-the-scenes that we find crucial is to have a fully-stocked and prepared emergency bag for every single event. These bags sometimes include glass cleaner, clips, trash bags, zip ties, ribbon, rubber gloves... you name it! This allows us to have everything that we need at our fingertips - once we are physically on-site for the event, we make clear where the bag is located to everyone for their use.

Imagine if you're setting up a wedding ceremony and the mother of the bride approaches you panicked because she forgot to order a boutonniere for the great-uncle. Imagine if you set a full, beautiful table, only to find smudges and fingerprints all over your glass pieces. Imagine if a bridesmaid were to lose or destroy her bouquet during photos just minutes before the ceremony. Imagine if your taper candles just won't sit straight in their holders and you need something to secure them with. I think you get the point... we've all been there!

Having a full list of items on-hand for the bags to be fully stocked at any time makes an easy task to give to an intern, or an entry-level staff member, to manage prior to rolling out for your events. We always cross our fingers that we won't need to use them - but boy, are we glad when we actually do.

If you are interested in viewing our full list of supplies we include in our floral emergency bags, leave us a comment below with your email address, or sign up for our newsletter here. What are some of your favorite go-to items?

In regards to the bag itself, we've used a variety of things throughout the years. Our typical go-to is a larger scrapbook rolling tote with tons of pockets for organization - these usually run from $85-$150 each. Recently, we have tried out a larger rolling hard-sided toolbox that allows for a little bit more storage for big items - these usually run from $70-$125 each. Like either of the ones in the photos shown here? Click on them to follow through for the link to buy.

Next week, check back in to see what we use for our day-of planning emergency bag. All my planner peeps, we're coming for you! In the meantime, feel free to let us know what your wedding emergency must-haves are too. Happy Monday friends!

Loving this awesome shot of florist must-have tools from  hospitorus!

Loving this awesome shot of florist must-have tools from hospitorus!

Wedding and Event Business Coach and Consultant | Jenn Ederer, Modern Day Creative